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28.6. Kreikkalainen risteily Rudolfinalla Turusta Naantaliin

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5th Göran Schildt Regatta, Leros, Greece 15. - 18. Sept. 2014 

The cultural regatta was held in Leros and two close Dodekanesian islands, Lipsos and Agathonisos. 27 sailing boats participated the race and every stopover got an unique cultural programme. 


Dance group "Hurja Piruetti" from Finland. Port of Lipsos.

I was sailing with my bouzouki on board "Athos", 41feet sailing boat and of course being a part of the cultural programme. Here you can watch and listen some of my performances in the opening ceremonies ot the regatta. The opening was held at Port of Lakki cinema theatre. The vocalist is Antonis Dalaris, who also sings four songs on my becoming cd.

It was a great honour to play at these stages. WATCH THE VIDEO



Christine Schildt and Finnish Greece ambassador at Lakki stage